A reassuringly safe space.

The things I want you to know…

That you can be confident and trust in yourself and therefore don’t always have to get things perfect and be in complete control.  

That you can truly enjoy and appreciate the things that right now are most important to you, rather than being stuck in your head with the “shoulds”, “buts”, “what ifs” and “what’s nexts”.

That you can be comfortable in your own skin, no longer wasting energy on fitting in, keeping up or pretending you’re anything that you’re not.

And it’s ok that you don’t quite know how to do all that just yet.

I’m here to show you the way. I’m here to help you open some really useful doors in your mind that you didn’t even know existed. 

Most importantly, I’m here to make you feel good about who you already are.

What I do…

I create a safe space where you’ll explore new perspectives, re-write your own rules and, ultimately, become your own amazing life coach (yes, my goal is to do myself out of a job #facepalm).

I believe that you can feel just great as you are AND still want to grow into the next amazing version of you. I believe that you can improve your relationship with that voice inside your head – swapping a headful of negativity and judgement for more balance and support. I believe that you can reset your expectations, of life and of yourself, from perfect and rigid to unique and flexible.  

I’m really good at making you feel that it’s ok to be honest (you’ll find yourself saying things out loud, perhaps, for the first ever), that you most definitely aren’t alone/weird/crazy (everything you’re thinking, I’ve thought too) and translating the jumble of thoughts inside you head into clear and often game-changing insights.

After the first session you’ll feel lighter and, ultimately, calmer, more confident and more content.

I’m here to help you notice your unhelpful thinking habits and how they’re getting in your way. Together we’ll get curious about what else might be possible and you’ll start to see things differently. I’ll encourage you to reconnect with what’s real, true and uniquely important to you. 

I’ll make sure that this isn’t just an interesting conversation, that you have the skills to put it all into practice in your very real life (where the real magic happens).

Is this you?

Your life looks great on the outside. But that’s not how you feel on the inside.

You’re working so hard to do everything and be everything that you think you should and, despite all that effort, you regularly still get to the end of the day and feel like you’ve come up short.

Your mind is so full and so busy trying to process and keep track of it all, it feels like a tangled mess and you can’t see where one problem starts and another one ends.

You worry that sometime very soon, someone’s going to find out you aren’t quite who they think you are and don’t actually have your sh*t together.

You feel stuck under the weight of it all and life feels much harder than everyone else makes it look. Quite frankly, it’s exhausting.

The weird and frustrating thing is that you’re smart, really smart. Surely, you ought to be able to use that brain of yours to think your way out of all this?

You grew up believing that if you worked hard, did well in exams, that everything would play out as it’s meant to and you could just get on with living happily ever after. Where did that go wrong?

Of course, you know that you can’t live your life trying to please or be just like everyone else. 

Of course, you know that always focusing on what’s not quite right makes it really hard to be happy.

Of course, you know that it isn’t realistic to want things to be perfect and always under your control. 

But, in spite of knowing all that, you find yourself here anyway and, as much as you know that there has to be another way, you don’t know how to find it on your own. 

That’s what I’m here for and I’m ready when you are.

How we work together…

Imagine it like you’re hiking through life.

Sometimes you know where you’re going, the paths are flat and open and you’re full of beans. But right now it feels like you have no idea of the destination, the map is out of date, it’s raining, your rucksack is weighing you down and there appears to be a ravine in front of you with no obvious bridge. 

When we work together it will feel like I’m joining you for this tricky leg of your journey – we’ll be in it together. And although no-one has navigated exactly your path before, I’ve walked along many similar ones (on my own or alongside other clients) and I’m turning up with fresh legs and rucksack full of useful tools.

l’ll help you get clear about what’s important to you and what needs to be different. Together we’ll work out how to deal with the unhelpful thinking habits that are getting in your way. You’ll be surprised and delighted when you realise that you’re able to see some fresh perspectives and new options on the horizon.

I’ll make sure that we don’t just think about it and talk about it but that you also understand how to translate it all into action and put it into practice in your very real life. (And, anyway, who cares if we get lost along the way! We’ll just see what we can learn and try again.)

And when you’re ready, you’ll know. And you’ll choose to head off on your own with the confidence that you now know how to do it for yourself – that you can be your own supportive coach. (And, if life throws you a curve ball, you can always call me up and I’ll come back to join you for another few miles of the journey.)

You don’t have to change but don’t be surprised if everything changes.

Ready to do this?

Here’s how we can start our journey together:

Free Your Mind

A 6-month coaching programme which will:

Dive deep into what's holding you back and keeping you stuck inside your own head.

Support you to focus on what's important and re-write your own rules.

Help you discover your unique flavour of satisfaction, contentment and calm.

Give you the skills to become your own excellent life coach.

This package includes:

90 min download session*

3 x 60 min coaching sessions*

2 x 60 min follow up sessions*

A detailed email write-up and action plan following each session

Unlimited email support

* either face to face in Wandsworth or online via Zoom

Your investment:

4 monthly instalments of £210

Or £820 upfront


An ongoing monthly coaching programme to:

Give you a reliable and familiar safe space in which to reflect and clear your busy mind.

A regular opportunity to set purposeful intentions and be held accountable for taking action.

Keep you strongly connected to everything that's important to you and help you sharpen your self-coaching skills.

This package includes:

One 60 min coaching session per month*

A detailed email write-up and action plan following each session

Unlimited email support

* either face to face in Wandsworth or online via Zoom

Your investment*:

£130 per month

Or £730 for 6 months upfront

* with a one month notice period to terminate

To book, arrange a free 30-minute intro call or ask a question, just drop me an email.

“Hana caught my attention at a networking event when she talked about helping people who feel ‘stuck’ due to the thoughts in their head and issues that they can’t get past. In my career I have had some fairly big ‘stuck’ moments that have taken me a while to get over. More recently I have set up my own business and that hasn’t been without it’s hiccups.

I had just one session with Hana – we managed to cover an incredible amount and dealt with all the big themes around which I needed clarity. I’d never done anything like this before but I quickly felt comfortable to open up about my issues and concerns – in fact, I think I even enjoyed it.

Hana is really easy to talk to, takes lots of notes so you don’t have to (which really helped me focus on my thinking), is very considered and knows when and how to make you dig deep to get to the heart of something.

A few days after our session Hana shared her notes and thoughts with me which I found really helpful and they’ve been great to refer back to when I need a reminder and a nudge back in the right direction.

I would recommend working with Hana to people, like me, who work hard and want to succeed but whose thinking gets in the way of their clarity and confidence. Sometimes we all just need a mental re-boot and a reminder to look forwards with quiet confidence.”

Tash, Putney

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