I really enjoy a good old reflection exercise. I’ve already done it for myself for 2017, using my own workbook of course! It helped me acknowledge how much I learnt and how much I grew during 2017. And I thought it would be interesting to the do the same on behalf of my clients.

(And before any clients reading this panic, it will, of course, all be completely anonymous.)

So here are my very favourite insights and moments that I shared with my clients in 2017:

I know and feel that “We’re real now”, that’s given me even more clarity of purpose and, in turn, I’ve noticed that that helps with my decision making.

I want to change the 90/10 balance between being the boring nun and the hedonistic rock god.

Even when the worst happens it doesn’t even feel that bad and there’s only a slim chance of the worst happening anyway.

My ability to see what’s actually possible has increased a hundredfold.

I’ve noticed the importance to me and impact on my mood of knowing that, by working with a coach, I’m now doing something about the way that I think and feel.

OK, I report to you live from the actual coal face of THINKING. 

I now realise I can be happy right now because I’m doing what I love in the way that I want to do it.

I want to be the captain of that boat (or possibly a fleet) with a crew who want to be there and enjoy the same stormy but exciting journey and I’m ready to explore different waters.

A big time of change for me but I have made the best decision and I am optimistic about the future.

Since our first session (11 days ago) I’ve read your summary email 17 times and I’ve also printed it out and made notes on it.

I know what makes me feel better/more confident/more proud/calmer and that writing things down helps me clarify how I am actually really thinking – it is KEY for me to shift things and create new habits.

I would like the negativity to flow over me without sticking – more lube, less Velcro. Is that too rude?

I’ve realised it’s better to just be me.

The work we are doing is like gardening for the mind – clearing old unhelpful things out of the way then building positive new thinking habits.          

If I have the headspace I know that I can achieve anything.

It’s better to be brave enough to only be 70% right – that’s so much better than ending up at 30% because I have tried to be 100%.

I think that’s what neutral is for me…. not living in the story…not dwelling in it.

I’ve realised an important question I want to ask myself is “What’s the other way of doing it?”.

I just wanna f**king dance.

To be content with being me, irrespective of the situation and people I’m surrounded by, and to practice my more supportive and positive inner voice. 

I would tell the me from 9 months ago to believe in herself.

And, of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without my favourite client drawing of 2017 (in fact, to date):

Here’s to a bucket loads more highlights and insights in 2018 (in fact, they’ve already begun).

Hey there, in case you didn’t know, I’m Hana and I could be your Personal Mindset Coach.

I’m occasionally known to my clients as ‘the lovely stranger’.

I’m here to help you see things from a different perspective, to choose a different lens, to find different ways of thinking, being and doing – so that you can get out of your head and just get on with living a bloody great life.

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