My current reality: 38-year-old, single, childless female who is exceptionally content (note: I reserve the right and fully expect to not be content at any/many point(s) in the future). 

My #1 goal: to have my own family and be someone’s mother (a human’s, not just Rocky’s, albeit Rocky is amazeballs)

What I see around me: a number of people who have what I want and who are significantly less content or, at least outwardly, that’s what they portray.

How many conflicts can you spot here?

  • I do not have the #1 thing that I really want right now.
  • A thing which most people that I spend a lot of my time with do have #awks.
  • I don’t quite know how I’m going to get it and am now certain that I will #deluded?.
  • Yet I am content and thoroughly enjoying life #strange.
  • Yet some of the people who have the #1 thing that I want tell me that they aren’t.

Curiouser and curiouser.

It’s not this simple, this old contentment/happiness lark, is it?

Which is more important the big picture of what we want in/from our lives or the details of our current circumstances?

My personal and professional gut tells me the former. On that basis, I shouldn’t be content right now.

But I am. Crazily so.

That’s just made me think about faith. Not the religious variety but the intuitive sort.

The thing that, in spite of the circumstances, in spite of the lack of evidence, in spite of going against the odds, in spite of being against the clock, in spite of not following the norm, in spite of not knowing how you’ll get there, you know, without doubt, that you will. And that is perhaps all you need to be content.

And actually, right now, I have exactly what I want and need.

I have a beautiful home, I have a great job, I have my health, I feel excellent, I have Rocky, I have my amazing parents, I have lovely friends.

Right this second, I can’t have a family of my own. No-one can magic that up today, or tomorrow, or next week. That’s not within my gift right this second.

I can make some conscious choices that will take me towards that dream. I already have in many ways #mumsgonetoiceland. And I can wholeheartedly believe that that’s what will happen. Which I do.

I can also understand that my life won’t magically be complete/fixed/sorted when I have my own family. In the same way that it isn’t for some people who have what I want and aren’t content.

I can acknowledge their world. They can acknowledge mine.

No if’s, but’s, may be’s.

Hey there, in case you didn’t know, I’m Hana and I could be your Personal Mindset Coach.

I’m occasionally known to my clients as ‘the lovely stranger’.

I’m here to help you see things from a different perspective, to choose a different lens, to find different ways of thinking, being and doing – so that you can get out of your head and just get on with living a bloody great life.

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