I’m Hana Manthorpe, proud founder of The Mental Movement.

I consider myself to be a wandering and wondering soul, finding my satisfaction in learning, challenge, people, fresh air, belly laughter, white wine, sunshine and movement.

I left the corporate world, after 14 years, in May 2014 to establish The Mental Movement with the ambition of helping the overthinkers of this world – those brilliant people just like me – make friends with their, sometimes, mischievous minds.

I believe that everyone deserves to have the confidence and inspiration to design then get on with living their very own bloody great life. And that’s driven by the fact that I’ve spent many years exploring just that for myself.

I’ve managed to move away from being fixated by the destination, have found my way to enjoy the journey and now want to work with others to identify their own unique paths and take pleasure in the small steps they’ll take along the way.

The birth of The Mental Movement

I’m lucky enough to have had a fantastic education and been presented with opportunities to do some interesting and challenging jobs in the corporate world.

However, about 8 years ago, I realised it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

I tried to change various things but, with each change, the amount of time it took me to feel somewhat bored, frustrated and unfulfilled became shorter and shorter.

I had a burning desire to understand what my purpose was, where I could find my working passion, how could I fulfil my potential and was bugged on a daily basis by the thought “there surely has to be more to life than this?”.

I ended up feeling ‘stuck’ for far too long and as a result, I believe, started to experience depression and really struggled to know where to find my mojo.

I eventually found myself an excellent therapist who introduced me to various concepts of psychology and, after exploring aspects of mindfulness and positive psychology, I took the opportunity to qualify as a Coach in 2011.

But still couldn’t bring myself to release the shackles and break free from the corporate world.

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So when my feelings of discontent reappeared with some ferocity in 2013, after only 3 months of being in a new job, I started to realise that the problem wasn’t the jobs. The problem was me – I wasn’t really listening to myself and what I really needed from my working life.

Coming to this realisation wasn’t an easy process, it took another 6 months of rumination, procrastination and consultation.

I knew that I enjoyed coaching and really believe in the benefits it can offer. But I couldn’t get my head around the huge change I would be making to venture out on my own and the perceived risk I’d be taking in giving up a very generous, secure corporate income.

What made me take the plunge:

  • I worked hard to re-establish the connection to my own internal compass and started to be able to see wood for the trees
  • I began to accept that I had something really unique to offer, something which was only enhanced by my personal journey
  • No-one was ever going to be able to provide me with a guarantee of success and I was in a unique position to be able to give it a go
  • The thought of waking up in 5 years still doing a job which didn’t really float my boat made me want to jump out of the window

So, one Tuesday evening, all these thoughts came to together and I knew what I had to do.

And I haven’t looked back since.

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My potted career history:

  • ’97-’00 – Studied Economics at Bristol University
  • ’00-’04 – Joined Deloitte as an audit graduate, qualified as an ACA
  • ’04-’09 – Moved to the grad recruitment team                  
  • ’09-’11 – Supported the Head of HR at Deloitte and was trained as a Coach
  • ’11-’13 – Finally left Deloitte to work for the Head of HR at BP                           
  • 13-’14 – Returned to Deloitte to work as COO for the Head of Corporate Audit
  • June ’14 – began my journey to establish The Mental Movement

My relevant qualifications: 

  • Results Coaching Systems accredited Coach (RCS is accredited by the ICF)
  • 200hr trained Yoga Teacher – Baptiste Vinyasa Flow
  • City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training