I work with the fantastically interesting overthinkers of this world.

My passion is for creating a reassuringly safe space in which you can dedicate some rare quality time to yourself, get a lovely boost to your mojo, move on from old habits and mindsets, rebalance your life, grow and ultimately find contentment.

I want to help you get UNSTUCK.

I want you to walk away from our time together with a fresh perspective, renewed clarity and a super handy toolkit of ways to create space between you and that lovely mind of yours.

How do I know if I might need you?

Have you ever felt any of the following…

  • Like you’ve lost your mojo
  • Stuck or confined by aspects of life 
  • Consumed by your thoughts and worries
  • That you want to ensure you fulfil your potential
  • Lacking in passion or energy
  • The need for clarity about your direction in life
  • That you need a shift to get you back on track
  • A desire to do things differently but no idea where to start
  • The sense that something’s got to give
  • The need for some support to achieve your goals
  • Having no time to pursue what you really care about
  • That there has to be more to life than this

About any of the following…

  • Work
  • Mindset
  • Starting a business
  • Your body
  • Relationships
  • Future career
  • Finances
  • Life
  • Growing a business
  • Family
  • Your mental health
  • Purpose

I’m guessing that the answer is a resounding “YES!”.

But, this isn’t because life is all doom and gloom, quite the opposite.

It’s because life is a long, exciting, challenging and winding journey. Along the way we all experience plenty of surprises, tricky decisions, opportunities that appear out of nowhere, things that don’t go our way and an ebb and flow of physical and mental energy with which to manage it all. Throw into that mix the daily interaction we have with other wonderfully unique human beings and it’s no wonder that, sometimes, we might feel a bit overwhelmed or uncertain.

How you’ll feel after working with me:

  • Purposeful
  • Strong
  • Conscious
  • Supported

  • Self-aware
  • Clear
  • Aligned
  • In balance

  • Excited
  • Optimistic
  • Focused
  • Empowered

  • Expanded
  • Lifted
  • Energised
  • Under control


How does it work?

First we have a chat to make sure that we’re a good fit and then we’ll decide together how many sessions you might need in order to get the results you’re after.

Each session is 90 mins – any less and we won’t get very far, any more and we’ll be exhausted and sick of each other!

We can work face to face if you’re based in South West London (I have a nice space in my loft, at your house/office or wherever’s most convenient) or, if you’re further afield, we can make use of modern technology.

Each session will usually include time for downloading, processing, clarifying, planning and reflection.

The reason why my approach works so well for wonderful overthinkers is:

  • A chance to get all that stuff out of your head without any fear of judgement (one of my clients calls me ‘the lovely stranger’)
  • Help to untangle your thinking and work out what’s true, what’s not, what’s in your control and what can be left behind
  • We’ll identify any patterns and habits which aren’t working well for you and replace them with new some new more useful wiring
  • I’ll support you to get reconnected to your unique personal values, priorities and preferences
  • We’ll consider ways in which your life needs to be realigned or rebalanced to maximise your satisfaction and enjoyment of life
  • Together we’ll work on being more present, shift you towards self-acceptance and knowing that you’re totally great just as you are

This journey we’ll go on together will take you to a place of enhanced CLARITY, AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE.


Why work with me?

  • It’s not a prescription, process or fad – the quality of the relationship and the environment drives the quality of the results
  • The only agenda is your agenda – if it’s useful and important to you, it’s useful and important to me
  • I will help you develop new ways of thinking and doing that will serve you far beyond the work we do together
  • I’m really good at extracting what’s important and what’s real
  • I’ve been there so I care and am totally committed to getting you unstuck
  • I’ve been there so I get it – I know when to listen, when to challenge you and when to move your ass into action
  • I’ll believe in you until you’re ready to believe in you
  • I will make you laugh – at life, at me and at yourself



£120 1 x 90 min session
  • Want a taster of TMM
  • Pay as you go

4 sessions
£430equiv £108 per session
  • Starter package
  • Pursue one significant goal

10 sessions
£960equiv £96 per session
  • Intermediate package
  • Build a plan for change